Hank Jay – First Night in Chicago EP

September 5, 2017

Mizt3r - Dancing to the moonlight EP

Hank Jay career has been brewing for the past 12 years in Belo Horizonte – Brazil where he gone from afternoon matinees dancing to Lee Marrow, Snap and Technotronic becoming one of the most respected House Music DJs in the city.

Influenced by Chigaco and San Francisco House and the sounds of Hip-House with a deep love for black, soul and hip-hop, Hank Jay began DJing in 2003. For over a decade he has been injecting the true sounds of House Music throughout Brazil and has played at grand music festivals such as SoulVision, XXXperience as well as being a regular at Deputamadre Club and Tribe.

The dive into production comes as a natural step for the DJ who has a solid music background – tracks full of goodness from disco, acid and house bring to the surface the inspirations Hank Jay takes from his early influences. Releasing his first tracks in 2017, his music goes from tech to groovy house beats, mixing the new and old sounds bringing back the classic house and disco vibes.

On his debut on Discobox, Hank Jay brings together his DJing and producer skills in a solid 4-track EP, strongly influenced by old-school house music sounds. You can expect massive basslines, synth stabs, piano riffs and classic vocal snippets. It’s all about house music !

Mizt3r – Dancing to the moonlight EP

June 29, 2017

Mizt3r - Dancing to the moonlight EP

Discobox unleashes the “Dancing To The Moonlight” EP by Mizt3r, a dancefloor-worthy groove monster anchored by a funky bassline with vocal cuts and a catchy synth loop. “Pressure Cooker” is a deep and driving rhythmic track punctuated by sharp drums and percussion. The DJ Daniel D remix breathes new life into the original with atmospheric pads, jazzy piano riffs, and synth solos.

The melting pot of Brazil has left an indelible mark on both Mizt3r and DJ Daniel D’s production styles. No other country merges patchwork genre styles from diasporas of Africa and Europe, and it’s rare that musicians traverse influences with such ease within one release.

Mizt3r began DJing in 1992 and is now considered one of the most important names in the Brazilian house music scene. He had a residency at Spain’s Espaço Factory in Santo André beginning in 1995, and has since played Mermaid, Pacha, Garage, MOB Festival, Sónar and Free Jazz Festival events, among others. Remixer Daniel D hails from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and references disco, nu-disco, Italo-disco, acid house and jazz in his productions and remixes. Give it a listen, and let’s disco!

Various Artists – Our Disco Vol. 2

December 12, 2016

Various Artists - Our Disco Vol. 2

Discobox Records presents the latest installment of its Our Disco compilation series, presenting fresh music from the label’s already established roster in addition to new faces joining the cast. This time Discobox showcases artists from the label’s home base of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Opening the set, DCW (AKA Gustavo Castro) presents the immediately danceable “Red Shoes”. With a background playing in bands and exploring different musical styles Gustavo has managed to develop a unique approach to dance music. His debut on Discobox is a beautiful track using filtered synths, sharp bass line, and a classic, soul-stirring vocal that you just might recognize.

Next up, Gustavo Peluzo keeps the vibes deep with his flowing track “Return”. Besides being a prolific producer, Gustavo is also longtime resident DJ of the legendary Deputamadre Club and has developed superb skills both in DJ’ing and producing music.

The third track brings a returning name from the series. Juliano Maia joined the first compilation with great feedbacks with the excellent electro-inspired “Shake”. Now he presents “The Volume”, a work lovingly influenced by classic house music, with his own added touch.

Cury is a brand new name to the label, and was one of the members of Funky Fat band, recently going solo. His contribution – titled “Dope” – follows the pumping but deep tech-house style he plays in his sets, featuring a rolling bass line, sexy vocal snippets, and emotive synths.

Rounding out the package, DJ Daniel D goes straight into the funky acid house field with “Find A Place”. This potent club cut includes Daniel’s characteristic extra fat bass line and old-school 808 shots joining modern synths and drums.

From disco to house, to nu-disco, tech-house and classic old-school retro sounds … this is what Discobox is all about. Let’s disco!

Support / feedbacks :
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) – Fun fun !
Vanilla Ace (Bunny Tiger) – Nice selection !
Larry Tee (Carnage Music) – Hot one !
Eric Davenport (Guesthouse) – Every track super fun to play !
Scott Fergusson (Paper Music) – Very nice, like the acid groove of DJ Daniel D !
Robert Owens (Compost) – Cool tracks !
Andy Riley (Inland Knights) – The volume brings back happy memories !

DJ Daniel D – Ostinatos [DBOX011]

July 28, 2016

DJ Daniel D - Ostinatos

DJing since the late 90s, DJ Daniel D is known by his high quality DJ sets blending house classics and modern sounds of electronic music. No stranger to the label’s discography, Daniel previously released under the name Dansoul and as part of the duo Shake Machine. With a more straight-forward, dance floor-focused sound Daniel debuts under his solo DJ name, revealing the rollicking “Ostinatos” and “Jack Made Me”.

“Ostinatos” is intro’ed with catchy, staccato piano chords and squelchy synth hits before a frenetic but appealing bass line takes hold. Layers of bouncy percussion and splashes of a vocal chant (“You know what’s up!”) add spice to the track’s irresistible party flavor. Next up, “Jack Made Me” hints at classic house music in its title and is appropriately spilling over with that vibe. The funk quotient is ratcheted up with filtered guitar riffs, an old school Moog bass, and some shouts to call the dance floor to action. Prime movers !

Drive – Dance to the beat [DBOX010]

July 28, 2015

Drive - Dance to the beat

Dr!ve is the talented artist behind our 10th release. The London-based producer always had music as a tool of self-expression since starting the rap group 6ergascho as a teenager. After this experience he wanted to mature musically and incorporate his own voice and more electronic sounds, as well the guitar, an instrument he learned to play from an early age.

In ‘Dance to Beat’, Dr!ve shows some of these skills in a magnificent work that sounds like a funk and disco fusion. The live guitar, infectious bass, beautiful keyboards and vocals put an organic touch that really plays well with the electronic elements, creating a very unique sound. We love when house music gets such more human feel, and the final result is certainly one of the best songs we ever released.

The first remix is done by Rotciv, an artist we always wanted to work with. One of our all-time favorite, the Berlin-based producer delivers his very known classy sound : brand new vocals, drums and bassline join the backing vocal of the original, creating a very funky atmosphere.

Rounding the package Shake Machine does their usual job when it comes to remixing tracks : using only the original vocal they constructed a new song with a very different interpretation. Electronic synths, groovy drums and a filtered bassline that goes directly into the space disco : these guys know how to shake !

We are proud to bring such a high quality release, with three amazing and very different versions. If like us, you don’t know how version to choose, take your chance and get them all !

Nytron – I wanna see you [DBOX009]

February 8, 2015

Nytron - I wanna see you

Our opening release in 2015 brings a new face to our cast : Nytron is one of the most active DJs and producers in nowadays electronic scene. With releases in respected labels such KMS, Bunny Tiger and Sleazy Deep, you can expect nothing but hi-quality work.

With ‘I wanna see you’, Nytron delivers an amazing floor killer that stands between nu-disco and tech-house using fresh synths, pumping bass-lines and a superb original vocal. This guy knows exactly how to put together the elements using drum fills, filters and breaks and the final result is one of the best tracks we ever released.

For the first remix the duo Shake Machine is back to studio. Using only the original vocal they constructed an entire new track, bringing back the late 80s acid-house vibes. Get ready for massive 303 riffs, 808 and 909 drum hits and the usual funky vibes from the guys who rocked the floor with the recent ‘Eu quero e house’ EP.

Rounding the release another new artist joins our disco. Gustavo Peluzo is the talented resident DJ of legendary Deputamadre Club and his remix emphasizes the tech-house vibe of the original track, giving it a more pumping feel. For all tech lovers out there, this is your choice.

Various Artists – Our Disco Vol. 1 [DBOX008]

Our Disco Vol. 1

One year after the debut release we are proud to present our first compilation : Our Disco will be a series presenting fresh music from already known label’s artists as well new faces joining our cast.

Opening the pack our hero De Pin Up Club provides his usual high-quality sounds in ‘New York Groove’. Analog basslines, old-school synths and delicious vocals gives the song a retro-futuristic vibe.

In the second track Dansoul, the producer alter ego of DJ Daniel D, explores nu-disco influenced by 90s house rhythms using moog synths, filtered basslines and vocal samples straight from the disco age.

Next we present two very well known names in brazilian music scene joining us. Alvinho Little Noise and Nytron go deeper in ‘Say what’, a superb work that lays on infectious basslines, punchy beats and beautiful synths.

Following the track list another huge talent comes to our disco : Zister shows his solid funky tech- house skills in ‘Rise for love’. Complex groovy drums, super funky bassline and sharp keys result in a very nice track.

Rounding the package we introduce DJ Juliano Maia’s Funk4Mass project and things get serious here. Breaking the beat, the electro-funk ‘Shake’ has distorted guitars, extra fat synth bass and his own vocals : we know you like !

From disco to house, following nu-disco, tech-house and classic old-school electro sounds : this is what Discobox is all about. Let’s groove !

Shake Machine – Eu quero é house [DBOX007]

August 7, 2014

Shake Machine - Make it funky

Our new record presents the second release by Shake Machine. The duo is formed by Daniel D and Robinho, both very well known DJs in brazilian house music scene since the 90s. Being long date friends, they now join forces in a new act involving 4-hand DJ sets and music production.

After a well received debut single with good feedbacks from artists like Miguel Migs, Horse Meat Disco and Flash Atkins, Shake Machine is back with the three-track ‘Eu quero e house’ EP.

The title song keeps the characteristic fat bassline with groovy percussion, this time joined by crispy synths and the funky vocal sample recorded by the duo itself : ‘Eu quero e house’ is the portuguese for ‘I want house’ and this helped to make the track an instant hit in all recent sets played by the duo. In Brazil it is not usual tracks with portuguese vocals and the dancefloor always goes crazy when the vocal drops.

Changing the mood to a more oriented italo-disco vibe, ‘Get up’ use complex drums with futuristic synth riffs and a female vocal sample. Another typical Shake Machine element is here : the incident broken beat that transform the track into an almost experimental funk trip.

Remixing the title track, 294 Records’ owner Lucas Rezende made his second appearance on Discobox and as usual did not let us down. Using only few elements of the original, Lucas creates a totally different track, with heavy basslines, old-school drums and 303 riffs : acid house is back !

Shake Machine – Make it funky [DBOX006]

February 17, 2014

Shake Machine - Make it funky

Discobox new release brings the fresh project Shake Machine. The duo is formed by Daniel D and Robinho, both very well known DJs in brazilian house music scene since the 90s.

Being long date friends, they now join forces in a new act involving 4-hand DJ sets and music production.
The result of this very first collaboration could not be less than awesome : their strong influences on disco, classic funk and house music are used to make a solid track.

With fat analog basslines, groovy percussions and crispy synths, ‘Make it funky’ is a truly groovy house music gem that surprises us breaking the beat in its second part.

For the remix we choose one of the best producers in our cast. After his acclaimed ‘Go Funk Yourself EP’, De Pin Up Club is back to the studio and turns the track into a deeper italo disco atmosphere, adding a new bassline, beautiful piano riffs and his distinctive retro taste.

Both versions are great and can be played in different moments of dancefloor. Just remember to shake well before use !

Lennox Hortale & Packer – Abu Jamal [DBOX005]

December 6, 2013

Lennox Hortale & Packer - Abu Jamal

Our fifth release brings new faces to our disco ! Lennox Hortale was born in 1980 in Rio de Janeiro and currently lives in São Paulo. He started playing as a DJ quite young at friends’ parties in 1994, when the DJs in Brazil had their own sound crews. As a music producer started in 2000 and since then has been producing songs, soundtracks, radio vignettes and remixes in a solo project or in his excellent Glocal project. As a DJ or Live Act with Glocal he has already performed in the main festivals, events and clubs in Brazil.

In his debut release on Discobox, Lennox joins his partner Packer and the result is an awesome house track. Vocal samples from Malcom X’s speech, analog bass, crispy synths and very beautiful keys gives us a deep house vibe : classy !

For the first remix we invited Davis, resident DJ from D-Edge Club and a very talented producer. His version gives the track a totally new perspective, keeping the house beat but adding a new guitar with some blues influences.

Rounding the package, Dansoul create lots of new elements in his ‘Deep funk’ remix : synths, bassline and drums are reinvented and the result goes into a more nu-disco vibe.

We are very proud to release a high quality package with three very nice versions !

De Pin Up Club – Go funk yourself EP [DBOX004]

September 17, 2013

Felipe Sa - Duck Tape Addict

Our fourth release presents a huge talent joining our disco : Josef Van Galen, the name behind De Pin Up Club. The project name comes from a very famous 80’s dutch TV show ; it was in fact, a terrible soft pornographic show that aired only once a month and featured music videos with half naked woman jumping around next to swimming pools or exotic locations. When Josef decided to start a project with 80’s influences there was no doubt in his mind about his alias.

Josef love for vintage drum machines and analog synthesizers soon became compositions that lean heavily on funk, disco and house of gone times but always with fresh ideas and not trying to repeat music history but merely quote it in his songs.

In his first record on Discobox De Pin Up Club drops an awesome three-track EP that will sure blow the mind of all funky nu-disco lovers.

‘Go funk yourself’ opens the EP with a fantastic groove built using retro synths, disco stabs and the infectious vocoder : it’s all about funk !

Next track ‘Gloria’ keeps the same vibe using an even more fat bassline, synths and a vocal sample.

Rounding the release ‘The city strut’ goes spacey in an italo-disco bomb with analog bassline and heavy synths.

Release date is september 27. Check out the previews :

Felipe Sá – Duck Tape Addict [DBOX003]

July 26, 2013

Felipe Sa - Duck Tape Addict

Our third release features a big talent joining our disco : Felipe Sá from Rio de Janeiro provides serious grooves in ‘Duck tape addict’.

Felipe is already well know in brazilian musical scene for his
DJ sets and releases in high quality labels like Mister Mistery and Rainbow Socks.

In his debut record on Discobox Felipe surprises us with a fantastic track using lots of moog synth flavors, guitar riffs and groovy drums. The final result is very creative and remember some classic Giorgio Moroder’s vibes with a modern house music feeling.

The first remix presents another huge talent joining us : D-Edge’s resident Márcio Vermelho deconstructs the track adding many new elements, breaking the beat and providing a retro electro-funk taste. We could clearly see Márcio is not only one of the best house DJs in the scene
but also a great producer.

Rounding the pack our man in the house, Dansoul, slow down the bpm and add his distinctive nu-disco groove. A new funky bassline meets the lead synth of the original, creating a deeper italo-disco vibe.

Release date is august 16. Check out the previews :

New talents on our cast !

July 10, 2013

We are proud to welcome two big talents joining our cast : Felipe Sá and Márcio Vermelho !

Felipe delivers some serious grooves on our forthcoming third release ‘Duck tape addict’, with remixes by Márcio Vermelho and Dansoul.

Official release on next month ! Previews soon, stay tuned on our soundcloud.

Felipe Sá

Felipe Sá

Dansoul – Retrosonic EP [DBOX002]

May 3, 2013

Dansoul - Retrosonic EP

Our second release is on the way ! Dansoul provides a solid three track EP that brings vibes from the past to meet new influences of modern house and nu-disco sounds.

‘Boombox’ could be rocking dancefloors in the late 80s disco-funk era, with its analog bass, funky guitar and crispy synths. In a deeper side, ‘I don’t need’ starts with a beautiful piano riff and strings that culminates with a fat bassline and synth riffs. Last but not least, ‘Pepe was here’ have lots of 90’s house music influence, with its classic piano riffs and funky bassline. Three awesome tracks for different moments of the dancefloor.

Release date is May 17 on all major stores, including Juno, Beatport, Stompy, Itunes and Traxsource.

By now you can check out and comment on the previews of all tracks :

iframe src=”https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F89441475

First release is out !

April 12, 2013

Dansoul - Dance to the house

Our debut single is available in the main music stores worldwide : brazillian producer Dansoul provides some funky house grooves with a retro taste in ‘Dance to the house’. The release also features excellent remixes from the talented 294 records owner, Lucas Rezende, and the underground hero from São Paulo, DJ Mimi.

You can listen and comment the preview of the original version and remixes : follow us soundcloud and also on twitter to keep up with the news !

Checkout some feedbacks about the release :

Nice work ! (Murray Richardson / Rebel Waltz)
New obrigatory track on our sets ! (Digitaria / Hot Creations)
Great track and good job on the remixes, will def play ! (Bart Ricardo / Tango)
Awesome, congratulations for the release, all mixes are great ! (Edground / Grooveland Music)
Great release, will be on my set ! (Carlos Kroeff / Cafe de la Muzique)

Choose your favorite store and DANCE TO THE HOUSE :

Dansoul – Dance to the house @ Juno Records
Dansoul – Dance to the house @ Beatport
Dansoul – Dance to the house @ Stompy
Dansoul – Dance to the house @ Itunes

First release on the way

February 26, 2013

Our debut single is coming ! Brazillian producer Dansoul provides some funky house grooves with a retro taste in ‘Dance to the house’. The release will also feature remixes from the talented 294 records owner, Lucas Rezende, and the underground hero from São Paulo, DJ Mimi.

Expect official release by March / 2013. You can listen and comment the preview of the original version : follow us soundcloud to keep up with the news !